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CD REVIEW: The Jason Martinko Revue - Damaged Goods
By Reid Murray - 12/04/2007 - 07:09 PM EST

Artist: The Jason Martinko Revue
Label: Bonedog Records
Genre: Rock
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Best Songs: Untitled #39, Wanted Man, Rattletrap
CD Review: The album cover of “Damaged Goods,” by The Jason Martinko Revue, gives a heads up to what the music sounds like; there’s a shapely girl behind the pulled blinds and pills on the ground outside the window. When I heard the music, it sounded close to what I expected to hear. I didn’t expect Jason Martinko to sound similar to Mick Jagger, giving the songs more appeal. If a rock band equipped with sax and trumpet suit your musical tastes, you’ll probably enjoy The Jason Martinko Revue.

Hearing the first lines of the third song, “Belladonna,” “Rub the cocoa butter on your legs, baby” was definitely a first for me. The lyrics in most of the songs have attitude and humor.

“Sometimes It Rains” is a heartfelt tune that almost sounds as if it’s raining. In the next song, “Untitled #39,” Martinko recounts troubled incidents with a girl, or perhaps different girls, with a driving groove behind him.

One of the catchiest songs on “Damaged Goods” could be “Wanted Man.” Nice guitar tones and strong sax and trumpet playing to accent the lyrics. As “Rattletrap” came on, I felt like sprinting to a beach to surf, if only I had a board. The guitar tones in this song are similar to Dick Dale of the DelTones, tinny sounding.

The final piece on the album, “Gone the Way of Flesh,” is different from the rest of the album. It’s a fast punk creation, and apparently is a song on a movie that’s titled the like.

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