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CD REVIEW: Larry Kucharz - ComputerChoral Green Prints
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Larry Kucharz
Genre: New Age
CD Review:
Having heard Larry's previous efforts, THIS one by far becomes my favorite. Not only is Prints accessible, but there's just an inordinate amount of beautiful music flowing through this 9 track cd of Green-named instrumentals.

While the similarity of names can be a bit confusing when trying to pick out your favorite soundscape, this shouldn't be at all a problem to the average fan. Green colors, as a good painting will show, float into one another, from the lite field vision of 'Taverner Green' to the busy 'Garland Green' which rushes in tonal elegance like a Tangerine Dream white rabbit, disappearing for a moment, then finding the footpath once again. This track is one of the best, managing to plant the quick steps in the back, allowing you to enjoy whole swirling chords in the foreground to relax and unwind and trade in your dreams for peace in the wheat fields.

'Jade Green' announces serenity on a windswept cliff, watching birds soar to life, listening to the special music of the ocean. Enchanting synths make the meat of this release, as if heartbeats of the waves, rising, falling, spraying mist so finely it can no longer be seen.

The visuals of such unworded compositions drift into the mind's eye are astonishingly clear and vivid like rain on bedroom window. You think you can make it out, and you want to be out there touching it. But something's holding you back, holding onto the notes you fear will just wash away if you extend your hand. The average listener will himself grow poetic as he peers into Larry's electronics and vast new age Green Prints.

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