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CD REVIEW: Larry Kucharz - Unit 28: Blue Motion
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Larry Kucharz
Genre: New Age
CD Review:
'A critic once pointed out some parallels between these works and what is today called "electronica". Well... they're both electronic... but these works have no drum tracks or melody and are not built around square meters. My background, my points of reference, are from the classical musical world.'

You can't really badmouth Larry because he's got a few cds out, and is on a few other compilation cds, so he Is liked. I like him too, though it's not music to relax to. Too much energy, and I don't mean dance. 'Steel Blue' and 'Ice Blue' call to mind Philip Glass working on a construction site, with just 3 tools to his name. I must admit I don't have the patience for these tracks, and I skip them.

My own preference lies in the more easy - rather than pulsing - 'Choral Blue'. Like new age, it might not have a tune you can hang your horn on, but there is beauty here if you look for it. This would also be good stage music, to go on behind a monologue of a man before his battle.

Production is clean and solid and nicely professional, and I suggest to anyone who likes non-man-made music to locate a sample to listen to. Some will call it cold and repetitive, but it will instrumentally speak a heavy book to some.

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