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CD REVIEW: Rebecca Lee - Staying Afloat
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Rebecca Lee
Genre: New Age
CD Review:
I'm really starting to think there's something wrong with me. I get more depressed when I hear beautiful, uplifting music more than dark, gothic music. I don't know why! Listening now to 'I'll Be There When The Sun Doesn't Shine', which you must admit is a very Positive and noble thought, but listening to the soft piano, the soft voices, and my little heater in my room here, well, I almost wanna cry. I wonder how this song would effect the sane? 'I'll be there when the sun doesn't shine / I'll be there when the sky isn't blue / I'll be there when you need me to be / There ain't nothin' I wouldn't do for you'.

This is an 11 track cd that is more strength than heartbreak. Regardless of the fact that there are songs like 'Where Did You Go?' and 'Be Gentle With My Heart' near the start. There are pictures, like 'North Woods', and there are relationships, such as 'I Love You Anyway'. And there are personal messages, a la 'Staying Afloat' and 'Stolen Moments'. While we get the whole range of human emotion in the words, the music is a bit repetitious in its style. Of course if you dig the solo piano form, with a voice in front, and overdubs in the back to underline certain parts of phrases, you'll have quite a keeper here.

That said, the subject matter and piano are beautiful. I wish Ms. Lee would throw in a few instrumentals to keep the cd varied and light, but I don't think this will be here last recording anyway. Let's hope for a sequel!

P.S. Catch her opening: cd release party and reception at Central Presbyterian Church. How do you get there? Turn right at the link.

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