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CD REVIEW: Chrissy Lomax - 2 Hands on the Wall
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Chrissy Lomax
Genre: Rock
CD Review:
Peter Sellers always said that his characters originated in the voices. Find the voice, find the character. Chrissy Lomax might use those same rules in her original rock style. Like Meatloaf, she makes her voice rise and fall where it does the most good, a dramatic coach unto herself that finds her self-made songs like 'You Make Me Wonder' a foothold in the Bonnie Raitt style of broadcasting: play your soul out around the country (this time, Canada) until you've broken a heart or 2, including your own. Then, you are ready to call yourself a musician.

Chrissy has done just that, touring coffeehouses, playing live in radio stations, selling her original wares with the confidence of a well-stocked shelf.

While her rock songs float my boat the most, I have to admit falling a lot for the medium tempo ballad, 'My Eyes Are Dry'. This 6/8 tune is heavy with acoustic guitars, and a little electric plugging away in the background. Takes me back to the day when I first discovered the Beatles' 'Help' album, though this is far less country.

Chrissy must've studied the pop/rock crowd with vigor. There are very deep shades of Paula Cole and Sheryl Crow. One of Lomax's best vocal performances must be the lite soul-rock of 'Burn It Up', helped on by some quality backing vocals, a trifle of keyboard work (thank Neale Heywood and Craig Monroe for that), some spacey drums, and of course the defining acoustic guitar which is her personal champion. Not in the least folk. But the acoustic guitar Extreme would often spin into ballads and other unplugged situations.

'Inside My Pocket' is the starting point. It licks into being like a true live song done to perfection in the studio scene. It's also the only collaboration on the cd, being glued with producer's Joe Primeau's influence. However, Chrissy's voice is what sets this apart from the other tracks. That dramatic reading (singing, of course) opens the book to all stories within. What a sweet sound she has.

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