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CD REVIEW: Chris Lonsberry - Forever Roads
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Chris Lonsberry
Genre: New Age
CD Review:
A terrific album of various moods, brainwaves and acoustic guitar delights. We're talking unplugged. 14 songs from half the duo Reverie, Chris gives us a bit of everything here.

For a moment, I thought I was going to listen to a Yes album, the way the brief motif trickles to open the 41 minute cd. But what I found pleasantly surprised me. 'Dancing in the Wind' conjures up the pure wordless picture of a leaf's early morning exercise on a bright, dew-laden day. A good start here.

'Port of Call' is much like a minstrel's dance with its happy tambourine tapping occasionally. But then the snare comes in to bring us into the proper century. That's what you get with this album - a collection of styles pulled from everyandanywhere to make life light and carefree, yet still leaving significant vibrations within to give you room to think, ponder and wonder what images one might see in the music.

In between these first and last songs, there are 12 more gems for anyone needing good instrumentals that don't lay it all out for you. Like old time radio, use your imagination. Read the song titles, and think about what they could be. That's what I do. For instance, 'A Little Boy's World' is a delightful, uptempo little ditty that says to me: here's a boy in a small town, nothing to do, but he finds a lot to investigate. There's lots of world to explore.

Get it.

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