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CD REVIEW: Michael Man'gia - Utopia
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Michael Man'gia
Genre: Goth Pop
CD Review:
Shhhh. What's that sound? Listen

Is that music? I think I hear music. Wait. Shhhh. LISTEN.

Okay. Yeah. I think that's Michael Mangia. Is someone playing Utopia? As soft as a blonde's thinking process. As smooth as glass in the showroom. There is a whisper that is 'Hollywood', but go on to song '16' if you're seeking a clear description of Michael's coolness to your ears. Try the words here that go 'I walk in a path that just leads me to nowhere / Sometimes it's dodge or dive / Over hills, bridges, mountains through tunnels / Still nothing feels right'. Well, Mr. Mangia, I think you're taking life too hard. You're creating beautiful music here. Maybe you should listen to it yourself more often, and experience the joy in darkness.

Because you do get the feeling, lights on or not, that you're listening to cave music. Sort of gothic pop with the nightlight working. 'Brother In Me' is a good indication that there aren't just spiders and bats in the corners you can't see. With that smooth voice, and the solo piano, and the ? in the back lending mood and a little majesty to the painting, I'm somehow uplifted from something that is decidedly Not a Spice Girls rhythm. 'My heart has slowed / My brain is snowed / Bring back the fire from the cold / Night has just begun, this dark I'm ending', but when you hear what's going on, you aren't depressed. Neither is Michael, come to think of it. He just appreciates the darker colors more.

A treat. And you don't need lots of toppings to get that sort of taste either. People don't use the word Elegant much anymore unless there's a dress on sale. But the chords MM strikes on his black and white machine would do well to slip into that dress.

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