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CD REVIEW: Andrea Maybaum - Cue the Sun
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Andrea Maybaum
Genre: Alternative Pop
CD Review:
It's fitting Andrea should be the one who gets to Cue the Sun, because she's got a rep. Yep. She was in the European tour of Hair lately in which she shed it all (save for a necklace) in the name of 60s pop art. So, she ain't afraid. And on her new cd, Andrea's 11 alternative pop tunes shed a skin per song, beginning at the controlled opening, 'Get In, I'll Drive'. Apart from being a happy kick start with a bit more rock than others on the album, it was a hit on, and for good reason. 'Don't you wanna get away - yeah yeah / Let's call in sick today - yeah yeah / Look at the sky, I can't bear to waste it / Life is slipping by - don't you wanna taste it / Come on, let's go.' That's about as universal as you can get. And Andrea's the babe you wanna plan the trip with.

Consequently, the continuation of the happy drive comes later at track 7's 'Take Me With You'. Her high voice imports sunshine. You can imagine the smile as she dreams at the mic. Medium tempo, this one's the kind that could crossover to country and back. 'I take Billy to the airport / Told the boss I'd be back soon / But I have the weirdest feeling - my feet aren't moving / I'm hypnotized by the planes outside...'

However, if you're feeling too good (you know who you are, police drama watchers), go straight into the balladic 'Easier Said Than Done'. It's that blue song everyone fears getting into. Though Andrea handles it with much more beauty than the typical heartbreak trauma. 'So the memories mean nothing / and neither do our plans / I never thought this was something / that would slip right through my hands / Someday I might understand.' Now, don't cry! Because 'I will love again / I will love again / I will love again'. Of course, it's easier said than done...

The voice. The voice of the cd is best described as a young girl turning into a woman. She has that Julie Brown (the redhead) quality about her which is optimistic and kitten-like, though the emotions are far from frivolous. Growing up. Songs help us all do that. Andrea just has the sort of throat we all want to hear accomplish a great leap into the adulthood none of us are looking forward to. She knows the ropes and buttons, and just what to push and pull.

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