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CD REVIEW: Moses Guest - Geniality of Morality
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Moses Guest
Genre: Pop/Rock
CD Review:
'the style is hot / the eyes are faded / and she is waiting there for you to come alone / my heart is jaded / but my love is strong / to be related never-endingly tonight'. Thus 'Sand' is sung before the hard guitars come in to scare your cat.

Good guitars also in 'Over the Hill'. Actually, good everything. There's a strange filter on the vocals here, but the stereo acoustic guitar(s) put things into swinging perspective. 'I have been waiting on her a very long time / as I look out the window to the sun / a kind of hypnotizing wind breaks out across the sand / and I am the only one.' And the chorus of the song repeats 'who will be walking over the hill / over the hill'.

'Dinnertime Jam' is interesting. Yes, it's like the band is playing for a convention of some sort. Everyone talks and has a good time while the musicians work their asses off. Good bass here. One of 2 instrumentals on the album. This is 1 band that just can't stop jamming.

The playing is first rate. So're the vocals. I might prefer MG's Trailer cd best of all, but this is a nice nearly 60 minute cd that will give you enough jam for your toast.

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