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CD REVIEW: Native - Exhale on Spring St.
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Native
Genre: Jazz
CD Review:
A very adult band filled with people who can do a job. Play. Take the first thing you hear, 'Digging Holes'. Good guitar solo, springy organ that gives a backing to a song that will make grown-ups want to drink coffee and clap.

Forget the title, 'Junkie Sunrise' is beautiful. Makes me want to pull out my old Tim Curry albums and listen to 'Out of Pawn'. Quite beautiful actually. I'll have to save this one and listen again once the sun's set.

'Pendleton Roundup' starts with an interesting chorus then pumps into a country number that's just as good as anything I'm hearing by Red's My Dog. But this isn't a country album. More like a late night jazz band album, pumping from a club. Yes.

'Love Your Love' is a good example of this club theory. Mat Hutt's vocals are especially soulful in bongo beats like this, and he's backed by a band so tight you forget at times that it takes more than 1 person to make an album.

You can just FEEL that this group is from NYC. They have to be good to remain alive in the throws of so much competition. And this shines out on their 60 minute work of Native. You'll hear that for yourself when you GET THE ALBUM.

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