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CD REVIEW: The Birth of Neon Venus
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: The Birth of Neon Venus
Genre: Dance
CD Review:
I haven't heard anything this distinctive since I first plugged in Bowie. 'Aliens' could even be a revved version of 'Loving the Alien', but let's not be silly. Over 5 minutes of bongo rock sung by a lovely model who suns herself on the back of the cd. NV are from Puerto Rico. I don't know if this is a typical sound for that part of the world, but in This part of the world, they will capture lots of fans with dance tunes like this. Okay, 'Gasoline' isn't strictly dance, but let's just say the beat is consistent. Good if simple guitar work on it all.

You know what the lead voice, Lissette Napoleoni, reminds me of? Suppose the guy in B52s had a sister. She might sound like this. 'Those Days Are Gone' is a cool down, sex in the summer pool sort of track that puts the R in dark. Lissette makes Freddie Mercury kinda breathy sounds to get you hot and covered in fudge.

More of a great album than a good album, because your head will be filled with tunes containing plenty of percussion, female love, and an expert use of keys and guitar to give a fuller sound than you've expect from just 4 workers. Huh!
I actually prefer this cd to Any of their others. They Really shine here. Choice of material and that confident live quality, being able to lay capable hands on the classics, that's what I like about the food.

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