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CD REVIEW: Paxton - Ginger's Dish
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Paxton
Genre: Alternative
CD Review:
An EP of 4 songs, revisited again in the last 18 minute song. This here's an alternative acoustic/electric gang of happy thieves. I think they realize their position in history and don't mind taking a little from the 70s, a bit from the 60s, blending in the retro-acoustic realm of the previous 90s, and with a subtle sense of movement, they make things 'A Little Better'. Dig the words from that song 'used to be I wanted you to love me now I wonder why / today if you were splattered in the subway, I don't even think I'd cry!' and then later 'yesterday you pissed on me. tomorrow you'll be history / the rest is just a mystery. oh, yeaaaah!'. These guys are soaked in reality. They know the evils, the goods, they know what to avoid. 'I'll bet your breath is sweet when you get up to make your hair / look like you just got kissed by a mack-truck! me, I get my grunge / wear from the k-mart and I never seem to look as cool as you do / as you slip behind the velvet ropes while all of us are waiting out here!' So speaks 'What's It Like To Be You?', angst exorcised thru a pop field of nearly all wilted flowers. And there are paw prints all over the cd case!

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