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CD REVIEW: Pam de Jong & Roughshot - Been There. Done That
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Pam de Jong & Roughshot
Genre: Country
CD Review:
Now, this has little to do with the review, but - when track 1 1st started, I was reminded of Subway's slogan. You know, fresh sandwiches vs. McDonald's pre-made hamburgers? The fresh taste? Okay, just something that the cd brought immediately to mind.

On with the review..

This is a collection of 11 songs that are fairly country, without being overly so. In other words, there are tunes here for those of you who aren't Really into country. Some rockin' guitar (on the title song) and just good backing all 'round.

One of my favorites on the album is 'I Don't Need Perfection', a nice cool down from country. 'there's too many pressures, to be just what we're not / it's not your fault; it's just the way that we were taught.' As usual, some bright concepts here on an album that, like Shania Twain, spins right in between the rock and country genres in a pleasing fashion.

The album is good, but not great. The playing is at times restrained, and I'm still not sold 100% on Pam's vocals. She sounds very good when being backed up; something about the way her voice combines with others (or even her own?) which really paints my smile. I think this is a good learning experience for Pam and the band, and I'm sure they're going to progress Nicely in the near future.

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