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CD REVIEW: Pushcar - Apartment D
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Pushcar
Genre: Alternative Rock
CD Review:
Apt. D has that interesting ability of being a studio cd while sounding like a live gig. The excitable charm of Chris and Jim’s songwriting and performing skills stems from the alternative nature of construction and realization. Did you know that everything but the drums was recorded in Jim’s Apt. D in Santa Monica, CA? You know it now. HOW they managed to get the THUNK! to be last on the cd, and make it fit so well, it is a mystery...

The story of the recording goes: 3 months into making the music, Chris takes a 13 month world trip. He comes back, and brilliant ideas hit the duo. ‘Let’s use lines from all the postcards I sent ya to finish this mother!’ Now of course that’s the story Bowie and Eno used for the making of Outside. Hype or not, the lyrics are refreshing and make a hell of a lot of sense. Hard to tell who’s singing what (as they get equal credit as a duo), but both guys have a vocal quality that verges on the ordinary; makes you want to listen to a real person, like to that friend who has all the answers, or knows a few questions you haven’t yet asked.

‘Halo Effect’ speaks this way, with its decreasing chord structure, like Lennon on a slightly blue day. The guitars are one of the best reasons to listen. God, you should see the cast of guitar players on this cd. I count 6. They don’t all play at once, but you do get a feeling on certain tracks that you’re almost latching onto an epic tune which could get all wild and nasty. The best version of said theory is the top tune, ‘Sixfingers Tony’. Neil Young and Dylan prove that beauty And singing are in the eyes of all beholders, so to say that the music of Sixfingers outshines the vocal components would be as fair as shaving your sister. However, the music Is a happy ball of underground party mix, at radio play length, which sorta fades out just when all the Young Ones arrive. Enough energy to run several pink bunnies though.

Some of the darkness they exude - ‘No Waste of Space’ is a prime example makes you want to become an astronaut. For some reason. Maybe it’s the wet drum rhythm, maybe the ooooooo through space and time, it could be the weighty guitar that won’t sit still/down, playing musical chairs with itself, perhaps it’s the just the overall heaviness of the tune, like mountain climbing and then breathing the deep air from the constricted comfort of your desk chair. Maybe it’s just a med. tempo tune that rocks like hard water. Who can say?

You can give it a listen and try forming your own opinions, you wimp! Don’t READ about alt-rock, go to the website and experience some MC or Visa-ordering power. Pushcar are like the guys down the street who’re thinking of starting a band. Listen and figure it out.

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