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CD REVIEW: Billy Rawlett - What's A Poor Boy To Do
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Billy Rawlett
Genre: Country/Rock
CD Review:
The title is defined by the cd cover Billy’s just got off the train (and I don’t mean passenger train) with only a guitar in hand. In the music, the full band is behind him; maybe they’re still on the train. And one of the best ways this rock band, just this side of hillbilly, is used is on track 5’s ‘Love Takes Its Toll’. The violin and regular rhythm put something special behind Billy’s country voice. ‘love takes its toll on our heart / and it’s love that make us hope for a new start / but it’s a bad love, it’ll drive two lovers apart / yes it’s love that takes its toll on our hearts’. Speaking of trains that’ll get you there, ‘Old No. 9’ has hobo class, and gains in speed around the turn ‘my poor darlin’ mountain girl fell on the rails / my poor darlin’ mountain girl died that day / my poor darlin’ mountain girl fell on the rail / while old no. 9 just puffed away’. Don’t cry. The fun music doesn’t really want you to. Take up your fiddle and join up. Or, if the guitar’s your instrument, add yourself onto the mostly rock inspired ‘Love’s Gonna Rule’. A happy stew pot of musical styles, cooked in the great outdoors. (Now, where to plug in the guitar...)

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