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CD REVIEW: Billy Rawlett - You Can’t Get Your Money Back
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Billy Rawlett
Genre: Country/Rock
CD Review:
Well, if you like country crossover, I don’t think you’ll want your cash back from this cd. Billy relies more on guitar and drums (and his backwoods voice!) than the typical twang and slide guitar you’d expect from Hee Haw. No banjos growing on Billy’s title song, like a short version of Meat Loaf’s ‘Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back’, and more of a story vehicle. ‘well, I met a gal who was long and lean / and lord she could love me so / she took my condo and my cash and my cadillac / you know that girl so hurt me so’. I prefer the 2nd song, ‘Everybody’s Gonna Find Someone’, a subdued alternative rock piece with harmonies scattered around like crumbled cookies to find the trail back. Another story song, but the music and chord structure is superior to others in here. Remember Clint Eastwood’s Any Which and Every Which Way But Loose flicks? Think of that while reading the lyrics to ‘Drink Till I’m Dreamin’’, because you can just imagine the local good ol’ boys performing this at the local truck stop. ‘I’m drinkin’ & dreamin’ knowin’ damn well I can’t go / I’ll never see all of texas, LA or old mexico / oh but here at this table, I leave it all behind / yes I’ll drink till I’m dreamin’, 1000 miles out of my mind’. Here’s your beer, you’ve got the tears, go ahead, let it all out.

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