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CD REVIEW: Daniel Simonis' Self-titled Album (Review)
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Daniel Simonis
Genre: Americana
CD Review:
The quiet hopelessness of 'So Much For Plans' will say something to those of us losing our youth fast. 'the last time I saw kevin / he was half way to heaven / flying high and pumping gas at the same time / he was gonna be in a nuclear science / I was gonna head back to defiance / maybe airbrush me some hot rod cars and vans / so much for plans.' The music is like a folk guy laying down his track, but he's taking too much time; the next band the rock band that's booked the studio next has already arrived, and they're practicing in the producer's booth. Daniel's sensitive nature keeps this as poignant pop, an acoustic finger touch to see if we are dead, or a lover's sensitive hand on the forearm or grabbing for the poetry book as she's just fallen asleep. 'Someone To Sleep With' promises 'someone to sleep with / going to find / someone to keep with / every little thought / of the big big world outside'. Beautiful song with strings, acoustic guitar and Daniel's high vocals expressing hope, against the darkness he knows is there. Dedicating this album 'to Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Denver and to singing cowboys everywhere' clues you in, but it's far from country. His country is a land where the forgotten people sing, where lovers gain the salaries of presidents just for being in love.

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