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CD REVIEW: Nelda Sisk and the Sisko Kids - Strangers in Paradise
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Nelda Sisk and the Sisko Kids
Genre: Country
CD Review:
Could this be a country-crossover cd? Might just be, once you're through listening to the title song, 'Strangers in Paradise', which somehow manages to combine the sand on the beach with the mud of the coral. I don't know How she does it, but it's a 4 minute song I could listen to often. On each side of the song are more country-oriented guitar pumps, like the much-stomping 'Women's Magazine'. If you can't line dance to it, you can give it to mom because she'll get a mule kick out of the content. Lady's Home Journal, Redbook and McCall! 'Who needs a college degree, all you gotta do is read women's magazines.' I do believe there's an article of truth in there.

Production and songwriting quality are nearly too good for an unsigned artist, so I hope country labels are open to new talent right around now. 'I'm Not Snow White' is another one of those 'how can I put a love/relationship song into a different hook?', and Nelda achieves the goal quite nicely. But that's only 1 of 11 bright, intelligent songs that take the acoustic and electric guitars, squeeze in some drums and bass, and up comes a nearly 40 minute work of love and smooth vocals.

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