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CD REVIEW: Randy Allen St. Clair - Beer Drinkin' Belly Rubbin' Lyin' Cheatin' Songs
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Randy Allen St. Clair
Genre: Country
CD Review:
There are 2 great things about this album (I'll get to the performance later).

1. Randy has let others write songs for him. Yes, he could be one of the names on the credits, using a pen name, but that still leaves a couple of other songwriters writing up his stuff. This means a. songwriters are helped out and ENCOURAGED and b. the material is great because it is varied and takes the best from the best. Does there even need to be a no. 2?

2. The title is great, because Randy is licensing you the right to laugh, to cry, he's saying 'okay, folks, this is Going to be a very Country album. If you want to have fun with cleverness and heartbreak, look no further.' An instant disclaimer for what is coming via audio. Very smart.

Okay - the singer. Awfully good voice and style of performance. I want to say his way of singing reminds me of Randy Travis, but I think I might have the wrong country singer. In any case, he has energy and true conviction for every emotion he pushes. The title song is just as quirky and knee-slappin' as you'd expect. Then there are the ballads like 'It Took Her Leaving' which just makes you want to get on your knees and cry into your guitar hole. 'all those times she needed me / I was nowhere to be found / I guess it took her leaving / to bring me around'.

For anyone who likes the Real Country - and not the cross-over Shania-laced stuff - this is your album with a vengeance. Get it, love it, and support the future star.

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