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CD REVIEW: Susan's Room - Room #5
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Susan's Room
Genre: Pop
CD Review:
'I Know What's Going On' in Susan's Room. Lots of saucy naughtiness. And the babe ain't afraid to get right up after the wild thang, and write it all down for posterity. Catch it: 'cotton sheets soaking wet / 2 a.m., we're not done yet / we speak bodily / we're shaking, we're flying, / next moment I realize you're crying / and goddamn, goddamn / it's not for me.' The whole 14 pieces of folky pop are equally blatant and concerned with pleasures of the flesh, how to wake up urges, how to get a-head, cohabitin' relationships, and sharing pillows.

Are you a wild woman? Are you a man who thinks that Universal One Thing all the time? Perhaps you'd like a run in with the 'Lawnmower Man' cause we all know what he's selling. 'the owner's wife knows me by name / she comes round all perfume and poise / I am covered with sweat / she likes it that way / and the engine covers our noise.' The fact that it's sung by a woman gives it a huh. A certain push. You don't get the feeling she's reading a story or satirizing. It's like living out a fantasy. And the boy listener will love it all the more.

Susan Streitwieser has the room, helped on by some good groovers in the pop mold. Tom Manche, Albe Bonacci, Ritt Henn give their all behind the voice that should be a star by now. This is the 5th album, so what's the hold up? The tunes push the sex, but it ain't all insinuation. The title song 'Room #5' is especially sensitive, a secret, and pleading softy about an anniversary that ain't all it should be. 'here at the five year mark / when love gets stark in hotel bars / when spouses find new lovers / who've yet to discover all their scars.' Beautiful tune, one of the best ballads going, on or off the album.

A band like this needs to gain audience and exposure, because what they expound to the general public is a gifted feeling of amusement, whether it's to cry, dance your ass or get all worked up. The playing and performances top the bill. And expert songwriting tends to help as well.

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