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CD REVIEW: Christopher Cortez - Talamasca
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Christopher Cortez
Genre: Jazz
CD Review:
I like this kind of stuff. I live for it. Instrumental jazz. Or instrumental progressive. Anymore, there's no difference, is there? But there's also a welcome Latin feel here, like on the end track 'Martes Gordo', which heats up the vibes, warms up the horns. Plus plucky strings on that guitar, mate.

Good funky bass work in 'The Iguana' which could put your ears into a trance. Even the under 1 minute ones are a pleasure. 'Megaman' only clocks in at 49 seconds, but it's fine jazz with high hats coming down like sparkling rain.

'Sirens of Titan' is like listening to a pleasant drip of water when you're wide awake and relaxing, and it's hitting all the Right dishes.

I'm quite taken with this 49 min. cd coming out of the great state of LA. I think you should get this one if you like fun and turn your head at words in songs.

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