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CD REVIEW: J. P. Taylor - The Eyes of the World
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: J.P. Taylor
Genre: Folk
CD Review:
Thereís little more environmentally sound and statement-hungry than the Eyes of J. P. Taylor. He sits aloft and below with his acoustic guitar, helped by drums, guitar solos, keyboards, backing vocals and lots of etc. when the need arises, forking out what the singer calls Enviromusik.

It doesnít arise for the title song, all J needs is himself and a constantly flicking guitar, perhaps a good ooooooo from some undisclosed ghosts in the back. But this cd is all J. True, much of his songwriting may be so direct, youíll be a little shocked. Speaking of rich people and what we could do to change the world and pollution and all the subjects upon which the govít hopes to have no policy, else itíll upset commercialism. However, J doesnít spill like a mean olí rocker, but with the laid back folk-tuned voyeurism of Mr. Joe Average.

ĎThe work of Dr. Jane Goodall, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, Jacques Cousteau, and many others, has inspired the creation of this album. They are environmental crusaders of the highest order and are an inspiration to everyone who cares about our planet.í J is working himself up to join the group, with songs like the simple, swaying ĎIvoryí which talks straight out about killing elephants for ivory. For those delighting in subtle challenges, J isnít your man. He understands that if you have a really Good concept that might help the world, donít hide it. Bring it right out in the open, get people to stand around it and look. Like ginseng, itís healthy for you, though you might not realize it.

ĎTell Me Whyí takes on the tv viewers that rule the world. The tv news is streaming and constant, yet what the hell do we Do about what we see? J wants to know why. So do I. Luckily encased within these crass explanations comes a steady wash of pretty folk music that like Dylan keeps on kicking down one street, but itís a musically unaffected and needful sort of music. Soft and not soft soap, bubbling with 60s sense, 90s danger, and 00s foreboding.

Jís Eyes see what others arenít looking for. He hopes to entertain with his brand of foot tap. Like a good video from the Schoolhouse Rock classroom, but much more important. Better if people didnít know sentence construction but would leave the rhino and the ocean alone. You can have some fun while youíre learning, too.

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