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CD REVIEW: The Januaries self-titled CD
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: The Januaries
Genre: Alternative Rock
CD Review:
The Januaries are admittedly alternative rock, but the element of pop that pervades every open-hearted pore makes it so difficult to walk away from their month without whistling. 'Love Meets the Devil' repeats 'lo-huv sa-ings sa-had had sa-ongs' so often that if nothing else, you'll come out of your home with this on the brain forever more. The charm lies in Debbie Diamond's Bardot-like look and sound fronting every professional piece of music given here. Beginning with her foreign-pronounced 'Juliette', there's a strong element of 1960s about the tune, the organ you can Just make out in the back, the streaming echo of voices almost like ghosts, the moment of distorted horns. 'Juliet had / brown hair / stealthy girl / big lipped / big hipped / juliet te / juliet where / the sun descends / upon the west.' Whatever it means, it's memorable. Especially when Debbie starts making her excited sounds at the end. Wonder what's getting her going?

Perhaps the best song is strong funk-rocked 'Black Transmission', exploding from time to time with a horn section that heats enough for just the one chord, always after the word HOT! 'Actin' like you don't care / but I've seen that move / black daddy, sunshine / got me feelin' groovie / pick you up / on my star / step on the ignition / get it on / rev it up / in the velvet kitchen.' Debbie knows what buttons to push in all guys, and uses her 5 piece all-boy band to get her what/where she wants. Lucky for her, they kick.

Nominated for Best Indie Album of the Year by New Times LA, so you'd better lay a mitt on the vixen.

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