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CD REVIEW: The Recipe - Geode
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: The Recipe
Genre: Country
CD Review:
Okay, set your mind back to the days before computers, when a mouse lived in a hole, when smart-ass humor wasn't the diet of the day, when air smelt clear, when the crisp snap of leaves twinkled underfoot, when the country joint jumped with frivolous fiddle, and Mr. and Mrs. Singer would join together in getting the audience up off their feet and asses, and dance a little between the hay and the metal-back chairs, hankering to have themselves a good time in the ol' converted barn. That's The Recipe we're cooking with here, it's like country swing. Because you can't really call songs like 'Honeybee' folk or traditional country, it moves along too fast for that, taking, I'd say, the structure of a 40s dance song, and adding a little straw and horse trough water to the punch.

'she can take me back to the country / there's nothing like lousiana sunsets / I'd love to see 'em all the time / but we've been too far down the road to get / set behind any boundary lines'. What's that? Well it's 'Real Wilde Cinema', a train ride through the country, with so much violin working in short motions that you'll start to wonder how many strings they're going to go through before the song's over.

Acoustic and electric both, but you'll be hard pressed to tell if anything's plugged in on much of this. Good cd for the heart muscle.

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