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CD REVIEW: Kari Tieger - Touch of Magic
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Kari Tieger
Genre: Easy Listening
CD Review:
The song that really made me sit up and take notice was ĎTu Demeures Dans Mon Coeurí, a beautiful cabaret event right in the middle of a spellbound crowd. I donít know. Iíve never been the kind of person who could figure out what the next single off an album is going to be, because the AOM often sounds as good or bad as the Hits. But THIS time, oh yes. I know. This little French number carves itself right out from the other 19 songs. The tune, the soft arrangement of grand piano, violin, grand acoustic guitar, and whatever else might be in there supporting the smooth, unafraid voice, itís a spellbinding effect. I can just see Kari in her best dress, standing in the middle of the ballroom. Itís a studio song, but I can hear the applause.

Donít worry. Itís not a French album. (Those suckers who believe English is the only language in the world...) Most of the Magic is understandable, such as the follow up ĎIf You Tryí. Kari can write songs. Sheís AWfully good at that. Sometimes I donít dig the backing vocals, but thatís me. That ainít her.

However, after the success of the first, I decided to punch my way to one of the next French tracks, no. 15, to have an audio gander at ĎReine De La Nuití, a poem with backing art music. Itís like having a brief moment in a smoky nightclub in Paris. And then. It is over.

Kari has a wonderful ability to create moods that are in the same arena, but are nowhere near touching each other. She uses her orchestration powers and vocals to their fullest, and transcends theatre, gothic, and personal pop in a way that makes it difficult to label. Therefore, I wonít. But I will suggest this one to all vocal hopefuls.

Oh, and the way she turns a lyrical phrase (putting in extra crunchy rhymes) reminds me of the stage most definitely.

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