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CD REVIEW: VoiceBox - No Net
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: VoiceBox
Genre: Easy Listening
CD Review:
Ha ha, well I have to laugh. First turning on the cd, I thought for a second a Mr. Bean episode was starting, but then strange things started to happen. The 1st track is Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't Stop', put forward in a Very Different manner than the rock group. Imagine Manhattan Transfer in an elegant, traditional concert (no, like at Kennedy Center), and that's about as close a description of this 8-voice collection of talent as you'll find. I prefer the follow-up 'My Romance', which is after all Rodgers and Hart, which beLongs on stage. It's of the older ilk and a pretty ballad when pitching by vocal woo. Yep, there are Only voices on this cd. Hence, the title No Net. And for no net, they do surprisingly well. No Johnny Bravo here, Brady kids, they rely on throats alone, and good/great they are.

However, the whole disk is worth getting for that little space that they call track 4. What's the title? Oh, it's Mr. Rogers' 'Won't You Be My Neighbor'. Yeah, someone finally covered it! Don't think me crazy, but they really did a good job! Though I may be half-biased since I grew up with PBS shows. Still, ya gotta love the sounds they make.

Anyway, for those who love pure vocals like I do, get this and support a damn lot of people.

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