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CD REVIEW: Dorothy Wallace - Hand of God
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Dorothy Wallace
Genre: Christian
CD Review:
There is a new Christian voice out of chapel and on the wings of mainstream-crossover radio. Sandwiched between titles ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd ­ Psalm 23’ and ‘There But For the Grace of God I Go’ are even more patient and sage sayings on life, love and the gift of grace. Dorothy peppers her religious statements with a fresh and often vibrant musical frolic that does more for cheering you up than hoping for a total conversion. Thank goodness.

In the middle of the 11 songs, that’s where it comes alive for me. Right around ‘Don’t Call It Love’, but certainly starting with ‘More People Love You Than You Know’. I seriously dig the romantic tone, the far-off acoustic guitars, the accordion that almost parks this thing in another country. It is simply sweet, and my favorite. ‘Little child you’re afraid / You’ve been hurt / You’ve been drinking from a bitter cup / Still always looking up.’ But don’t be down, little boy, woman child, the world might be a puzzle, but more people love you than you know. Uplifting, while at the same time a good night time story.

‘Don’t Call It Love’ is one of the few, if not the only, songs to speak of personal relationships, rather than a more universal concept. Reminds me a little of some of Helen Reddy’s more famous 70s tunes, especially with that Deep male voice coming in at times (am I thinking Delta Dawn or something else?). ‘You can call it passion when all you do is cut me down / You can call it communication / Even though it makes me wanna shut you out / Call it soul mates or cell mates / Or whatever else you’re dreaming of / Call it anything / But don’t call it love.’

But back to the positive reinforcement, ‘Sinking Ship’ is like a little girl waking up to find everyone’s off the boat and she must do what is Necessary to keep living. ‘Someone tell the captain this ship is sinking / I’m in distress for a rescue trying to stay afloat / If I’m still and sure and I’m prepared for what’s in store / I can steer this sinking ship to shore.’

We all of us have the power to overcome the extraordinary, and the more important ordinary, every day evils and boredoms and unfair practices. That is what Dorothy’s Hand says, trust in yourself, trust in the maker. But trust. It is the only way. The Wallace score will help. Groove to the smiles of ‘Meet Your Maker’ and tell me life is all bad.

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