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CD REVIEW: Genie Webster - Walk The Dream
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Genie Webster
Genre: Easy Listening
CD Review:
A 36 minute cd filled with - well, there are a few styles here, it's difficult to say what genre you'd Have to place this in. The first song is 'Walk the Dream' which is in the pop vein, with words that begin 'susan went out to LA, she knew it would be okay / she was scared, but she went anyway / she went looking for rock-n-roll, said the music saved her soul / she told me later, it would've been scarier to stay'. I certainly know all about that broken dream; I've experienced it; I have friends who have. Yet the music here isn't blue Thank God.

'When I Remember You' starts off with simple guitar and sweet slow sounds before the lyrics say 'if I hadn't known you / if I hadn't felt your arms around me when I shivered cold / if I hadn't felt you understood what no one else had known / I never would've missed you'. A nice statement, and one which is shared well with the audience.

Genie's style of singing is familiar yet different. Imagine a country singer not singing country. Maybe that's the best way to describe her. I like listening to her. Also, she has a fan club! And an offer in the cd sleeve says that for $5 she'll send you a booklet of essays about the songs in this cd. That's an interesting marketing idea. So, maybe you should get it - if not to see how others are selling their wares, then at least to read up on the making of a cd's stories.

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