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CD REVIEW: Weed Inc. - Trampled, Beaten and Obeyed
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Weed Inc.
Genre: Rock
CD Review:
Having just listened to the cd, I'm sorry I put it off a week. 'Queen Bee' is good rock. In these sad times of simple, straight forward songs being 'what people want', I don't know if there's room for good, 'other subject' songs like this. Only 3 guys workin' on the Queen Bee: Leo Ganley on vocals and guitar; Tim McCoy on bass and vocals; Norm Fuller on drums and yet more vocals. Good work, guys, you compliment yourselves nicely without getting in each other's way.

'Fading Love' is one of my favorite songs. The bass just keeps coming, properly leveled at my head. The female vocal in the next room is a good touch. Wish I could quote some lyrics, because I like 'em, but they aren't printed.

Not too guitar heavy, but just enough. 'Paint A Figure' reminds me of that guy who writes most of Meat Loaf's songs. Simple construction - which is often the best - and lots of spritzy drum work.

15 songs, and with titles like 'Fuck Your Minivan' and 'Lucy Complains', you're going to want to pick the cd up and hold it in your hand. And look at the picture on the back of the cd - a shoe, with the tip on a crack in the sidewalk. Maybe it breaks your mom's back, but it's got style.

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