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CD REVIEW: Debe Welch - Not the Way I Planned
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Debe Welch
Genre: Pop
CD Review:
Debe's mature vocals and acoustic skill are a pleasure to listen to when it's not raining, when it's not dark, when you aren't feeling lonely. Her lite pop sound removes any need for pomp or electronic glory, but neither does she lament the seedy streets of folk. The music contained within these 10 self-penned songs are upbeat, always moving forward, even if she's walking for a setback.

However, easily the best thing on the cd has to be the ultra-fine 'Who's Using Who'. It sits atop the list, though it's the 2nd track, and begins with a simple acoustic guitar intro. Then the slow-to-medium tempo begins. Then the ice-kissed 'ahhh..' sound. Then the slightly echoed vocal. It all comes together with relish and smooth magic, much like a Fleetwood Mac hit, sung not by Stevie, but the other woman. Were I to suggest a single from Debe's cd, it would certainly be this one. Repeat: it all blends perfectly for this particularly track.

Other interesting tunes include 'Older', and the lead-in 'Always'. Debe has played a lot of clubs, and she knows what notes to hit, what to leave alone. I'd trust her with a good night's entertainment at the Chicago pub she frequents every Tuesday night. If you can't catch her there, spend $12 for the cd at her site. If you like lite sounds, you have little to lose.

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