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CD REVIEW: Wooster Sang - self titled CD
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Wooster Sang
Genre: Rock
CD Review:
Good rock band. 'Make You Mine' begins everything off about as loud as you get without the police. I had to turn down the volume a couple times, else my computer speakers would blow.

'Altered Eyes' begins like someone's testing out a new Rubbermaid garbage can at Kmart. Then a strange 'ahhh way, ahhh way' chant begins below a mystic guitar that soon kicks the door down. And don't forget clever lyrics like 'curious of my perfection / I need to sneak a peak of my reflection / in the bathroom it hides / the vanity mirror gives bad reception / that's not my face, where's my complexion? / no recollection with these altered eyes'.

'One In a Million' is sad. I mean, it's not country music sad. You won't cry in your powdered milk. But you will look into yourself and 'every single day you live, every day you'll learn to give / every waking hour you will find something new is on your mind'.

And they can get very soulful when they want to. 'Main St. Days' is nearly a drum solo with fun vocals and the clang of guitar breaking on the beats.

'Overlake' is a beautiful way to end an album. Mainly because of vocals and smooth acoustic guitar work which complements the crooning nicely.

Hard to say what the hits are/will be. Unlike some bands I've heard, WS doesn't just make 1 song then spread it out for 12 tracks. Each is different in groove and range. Plus the songs are meaty enough in length to fully explore their compositional crevices. No 2 min. Beatles songs, these. Yet there's something at least as equally Liverpoolly fun about this troupe. A delightful romp which will have you whistling before you're through it once.

(By the way, amateur kiddies, the expert promo pack that came with this cd proves that there IS professional competition out there. WS's use of paper, quotes, layout, etc. is just Damn good. So use your best materials when pushing yourself. Because you're up against people like These!)

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