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CD REVIEW: Alex Yellowless - Hot Club Style
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Alex Yellowless
Genre: Jazz
CD Review:
The title also comes with a sub-title: Acoustic Jazz at its Best. I’m not about to disagree with the man. Alex’s combo is fun, smooth, never dull, the energy of teenagers hanging out of every man’s pores. Alex Yellowless saws on his violin like a man afraid of silence. Oh yeah, he doesn’t leave the bow alone. Like a writer with too much to say, Alex gives out with the elbow until you just can’t imagine him having any cartilage left. That’s a good thing. Anyone who’s a fan of the music to the Jeeves and Wooster series will attest to this fine style of weaving.

The choice of song is certainly jazz, with many standards that are familiar and Almost. ‘Sunshine of My Life’ sure takes a bit of fuzz off the ol’ catgut, and happens to be one of my favorites. Over 6 minutes of wild, plucky little guitar notes in the other string solo as well.

Most of the 12 songs and 60+ minutes are instrumental delights, recorded live in April of 2000, though there are a few vocals scattered within, from smooth crooner John Russell who also doubles on rhythm guitar. ‘Sweet Lorraine’ is one such delight. Ah….. it does take one back. The recording quality is awfully good for live, showing off the voice as it is: naked and in No need of electronic help.

According to the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival, Yellowless is well on his way to ‘melodic inventiveness’, and after 2 hours and 2 listens all the way through, I’m not about to go against brilliance. You should really fiddle around with this.

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