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CD REVIEW: Yoon Ju Lee
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Yoon Ju Lee
Genre: Classical
CD Review:
Fresh from the label that gives up and coming classical artists a chance to shine, Eroica, Yoon Ju Lee shows off her concert pianist skill with 3 lovely, well-known selections.

First up is J.S. Bach’s ‘Italian Concerto’, of which the Presto movement is a rousing part to any disc, expertly accomplished and bright as day. My lay-ear can detect No faults throughout, as it skips along in merry fashion, building a bridge of music it’s a pleasure to cross.

Following that are the 3 parts to Beethoven’s ‘Sonata op. 109’. Like the opposite of March weather, it rolls in like a spring breeze, then grows dark and busy in its Prestissimo moments. The beautiful graduate from University of Arizona handles every mood with equal story-telling dexterity. No show-off, she. Ludwig would be pleased to hear her gentle and beguiling interpretation, if he could hear it.

The applause tells us that this Is a concert, meaning you might have to turn the volume up a bit to catch the full import. However, I’m listening to this on headphones, and the giant stereo speakers often give a very different distortion to variations of classical music. Choose what’s best for you.

As long as you choose this cd. You will hardly be disappointed by the passion and technique that rise from this 56 minute release.

Finally, Lizst, the grand pianist’s friend, begins it’s ‘Sonata in b minor’ with a whimper, slowly banging low notes and rolling, gaining chords, setting the stage for the best chase scene writer in the business. Often there are uncertain collections of chords, toying with time signatures, other seconds give out the rumbling of tense, dramatic settings unfolding ever so slightly. Yoon handles the craft perfectly.

Ms. Lee, or Dr. Lee as she is now called (being a Chair of the Music Dept. at Myun-Shin University in Korea), has won numerous awards, scholarships, beginning her rewarding career at the tender age of 4. Give a listen to this one, classical music buffs, and see the reason for such success.

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