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Here are some of the great raffle items that were given away to subscribers in every issue while the newsletter was going out.  Thank you SO MUCH to all these great sponsors who contributed to the newsletter over the years. 

  • Virtual Studio Systems, the creators of Lyricist software, donated a download licensed copy of their software to one lucky subscriber per month.
  • Independent Music Promotions founder, James Moore donated 5 digital copies of the new music marketing book "Your Band Is A Virus - Expanded Edition". This edition is the bigger and better version of the bestselling book "Your Band Is A Virus - Behind-the-Scenes & Viral Marketing for the Independent Musician". Almost double the size of it's predecessor, "Your Band Is A Virus! Expanded Edition" is the ultimate music marketing guide for serious independent musicians and bands.
  • donated a 6 month full access membership (thanks John)! GMC has tons of helpful videos, instructors and lessons.  GMC also features a forum for chatting with teachers and students 24/7, recording collaborations, attending video chats, & content for bass, drums, singing, piano, etc.  They want you to have fun while learning - so get rocking NOW! ($140 value).
  • was kind enough to offer a 3 month membership (a $75 value!) to one raffle winner per month. provides online coaching, co-writing and pitching opportunities, in addition to over 70 multi-level courses developed by award-winning songwriters. State-of-the-art voice-enabled classrooms allow you to interact in real time with hit songwriting instructors and songwriting peers from around the world. Get connected with collaborators, meet industry professionals and pitch your songs entirely online.
  • "100 Miles To A Record Deal" author and publisher Bronson Herrmuth donated a copy of his book to be given away to one subscriber per month.
  • And of course, the reviewed book within every issue was also raffled away to a subscriber in the issue where its review appeared.

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Current Issue:
Issue 19.2 - May 2016 - LAST ISSUE

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The Muse's News is a newsletter for songwriters on the net, published every month and is free of charge. It includes helpful articles, reviews and listings of songwriting contests, as well as a classified section for market information and helpful services.

It is no longer being sent out, but I'll leave these previous issues online so that you can view them as you please.  Hopefully they'll help.

Thank you VERY much to those who have subscribed in the past.  I truly appreciate it.  It's the end of an era, but it's time to let it go.

Every success to you,

-- Jodi Krangle

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What others are saying about The Muse's News...

I love receiving The Muse's News and look forward to it every month.  The Muse's Muse is such an inspiration to me, that it has become a part of my everyday.  I am so grateful for this high quality site which offers a safe haven for creative expression.  I was thrilled to discover that I could order Muse's Muse merchandise and now own a Muse's Muse 2011 Calendar (which I have peppered with song/lyric contest deadlines) and a Muse's Muse tote bag to keep all my current projects in!  Thank you so much Jodi, for all that you - The Muse's Muse, and The Muse's News - have allowed me to achieve.
- Tracy-Ann Edridge in Brisbane, Australia, December 7, 2010

Upon your eight years of service to the music industry, I just want to heartily congratulate you, and thank you so much for your wonderful newsletter. I gotta admit in this age of listservs, at first, when I subscribed to the Muse's News, I wasn't sure how much content would be in your newsletter, but you've proved me wrong time and time again. I feel bad for musicians who don't know about you. I've become a better, more inspired songwriter thanks to you and the wonderful resources you point me to. Here's to many more issues of your valuable newsletter! Friendly regards,
- Isabel in New York, NY, April 6, 2005

Jodi.... Still the best free newsletter bar none. I even print the darn thing out!!
- Denny in Pennsylvania, January 5, 2002

As a subscriber for more than a year, I have enjoyed receiving the Muse's News and as a composer/songwriter trying to 'break' into the business, I've found it to be a marvelous source for insider information and tips on the ins and outs of the music business, especially in today's marketplace. Keep up the good work and I look forward to next issue. - Dennis Angeloni, September 9, 2001

THANKS for another GREAT issue! I spent a LOT of time with it, following up, etc. Some of the OTHER e-letters I get are easily-disposed of, but yours hangs on and delivers! Thanks!
- Rex Poindexter, September 2, 2001

Jodi- I want to thank you for putting together another wonderful newsletter. There's always a question I need answered, a class I want to take, or an article I'm thrilled to have found. It must be a huge job. I'm so happy you take it on!
- Alicia King, April 29, 2001

I've got to say I love the Muse's News.  Your ebullient personality comes singing through each and every issue.  Your newsletter is a wonderful read that I save for the end of the day.  Thank you so much for producing this great product that keeps me feeling like I'll still make that career change and fulfill my lifelong dream.  I'll be sure to write again when I have more time.  For now, I just wanted to let you know you've breathed life into my songwriting dreams and you continue to bubble enthusiastically through your words. Have a great New Year's.
- Carl Rachel, December 31, 1998

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