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Fourth & Folsom Flaunt Their Elegant Harmonies With New Single ‘Golden Dunes’

Date: Feb 18, 2015

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Making their way in the Indie/ Americana scene, having supported PRIMAL SCREAM, FOURTH & FOLSOM prepare to release their new single ‘Golden Dunes.’ The band recorded the track themselves and was produced at Metropolis Studios in London, mixed by Senior Engineer Xavier Stephenson (The Who, Amy Winehouse, Winner of 'Pro Sound’s Rising Star’ award in 2013) and mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin (The Who, Arcade Fire, Interpol, Blur).

FOURTH & FOLSOM are heavily influenced by West Coast Harmonies and consist of Jamie Davies Theo Byrd and Jack Manser. What really stands out about the band is their ability to produce heart-jolting, opened armed harmonies much similar to those of Fleet Foxes, Half Moon Run and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. As a band focused on vocal harmony, they cultivate an aura of intimacy, gently reeling the listener in and soothing them into a hushed, intricate atmosphere. Fourth & Folsom’s instrumental work reflects the sophisticated balladry. The band merge their varied musical influences (War On Drugs, ALT-J, Steely Dan, Kurt Elling) giving a fresh twist to upbeat indie guitar riffs with an Americana influence. The guitars and drums work together in strong unity to provide solid yet beautifully melodic rhythms, giving their tracks direction whilst the vocals roam freely above.
Fourth & Folsom have since gone on to frequently headline London venues like Camden Barfly and 93 Ft. East, supporting Hammersmith Apollo performer Eilidh Mckellar.

‘Golden Dunes’ explores the themes of fulfilling potential and dreams. It’s about celebrating this moment of realisation, embracing it with pride and without care.
The track opens with a cascade of infectious guitar flares and sharp, punchy drum beats. Its laidback feel creates soundscapes of a hazy, summertime West Coast. The track is brimming with inviting melodies and evocative lyrics. The band’s signature vocal harmonies swoop in and wash over elegantly. Their three-part harmonies sculpt a synergy and portrays what has been a cornerstone for the best Americana music. Having spent time away to hone their sound ‘Golden Dunes’ is a shining example of their hard work and dedication.

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