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Music Gorilla partners with Cadenza to help independent musicians worldwide break into the music industry

Date: Feb 26, 2015

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01 March 2015: Music Gorilla, a leading commercial marketplace for independent musicians and their work, has today announced a partnership with Cadenza, the tool that helps independent musicians get access to A&R services for just a fraction of the price.

The partnership will see a boost for independent musicians around the world in realising their music career ambitions. With both companies exposing each other’s services to their respective communities, bands and artists that are looking for their big break can leverage Music Gorilla and Cadenza’s partnership to enhance their offering and expose themselves to relevant parts of the music industry.

Music Gorilla’s marketplace lets artists take advantage of submissions for music and songwriting placement opportunities, and receive the opportunity to play live in frequent major label showcases and get feedback on their performances.

Combining a passion for music, commitment to the independent movement and deep roots in the entertainment industry, Music Gorilla helps hundreds of artists get their songs heard and licensed by labels, music publishers and players in the television, film, advertising and Web/gaming industries. Unlike other licensing marketplace sites, Music Gorilla doesn't take any part of an artist’s deal.

Cadenza helps independent musicians get access to A&R services for just a fraction of the price. Cadenza is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that uses 64 sonic data points to analyse your music, processing music in the same way the human brain does. By sonically analysing a musician’s track, Cadenza gives them insights into what makes their music work - who will like it, other tracks it sounds like, and where they might find success.

David Ritchie, CEO at R&R Music, the company behind Cadenza, said the partnership was a major boost for independent artists everywhere:

“Cadenza's data can also help musicians work out what track to lead with on their demo, or how to order their album tracks, so that they’re more likely to get signed. We’ve had musicians across the world use Cadenza's data to help them find the right fans, listeners and licensors for their music, so their music is listened to more. Working with Music Gorilla means that once they’ve found what people like about their music, Cadenza’s musicians will be able to put themselves in front of the right people.”

Alexia Erlichman, Co-Founder of Music Gorilla, explained why the partnership was a natural fit:

“Music Gorilla has spent the last decade and more helping independent artists like you find their way in the music industry, so we know a bit about what it takes to get the attention of A&R. But hiring A&R is expensive, especially for independent artists looking to get signed. Over and over again we hear from A&R who work at Major Labels, that the absolute most important thing is the song. If the song isn’t good they’re not interested. So having a tool that can help improve that aspect is a no brainer. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Cadenza, an A&R tool that will help Music Gorilla’s community of independent artists better refine their offering.”

It’s free to get started on both Cadenza and Music Gorilla.

Musicians interested in trying out the service should upload one of their tracks and Cadenza will give them a report using their 64 point algorithm:

Artists can submit their music to film, TV, songwriting and Major Label Showcase opportunities by signing up to Music Gorilla for free at

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For More Information:

Ben Matthews
Montfort Communications
+44(0)7842 764 205

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