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Johnny Darlin Debut EP MR MONOGAMY Out Now

Date: Mar 18, 2015

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Johnny Darlin’s debut E.P. Mr. Monogamy is out now!

BROOKLYN – March 13th, 2015

Johnny Darlin has entered the pop music arena with his debut EP, Mr. Monogamy, out now.

Mr. Monogamy took almost four years to complete. Darlin spent the first two years of the EP’s creation as a closeted adolescent in Arkansas, and the other two as a New York City transplant, exposed to an exciting array of new culture.

The EP features production from Francis Steakknife and Brooklyn-based musician Tommy Cormier of the bands The American Darlings and GoldenAlphabet. These recording sessions were done in a variety of different home-made creative spaces, including attics, closets, bedrooms and self-made recording studios. According to Darlin it’s very bedroom pop in that way.

Of the first song recorded for the EP, My Sister Went Out on a Date Tonight, he explains, “I remember hearing the doorbell ring and my sister’s high heels walking down the stairs, and just opening up GarageBand and – as quietly as I could – whisper-screaming in falsetto to get my feelings of otherness out. And then I sent it to Francis and he turned it out. I knew we were on to something – a new sound.”

“I’m exploring major transitions, and aiming to create a queer space with this EP,” Darlin says. “But one that everyone is invited to jump into, with irresistible pop beats, killer collaborations with Francis and Tommy, and universal storytelling.”

He continues, “This journey I’m telling could be told in a dark way – and there is some darkness present - but it’s all done over ear-worm-y pop choruses, ready to be screamed at the top of your lungs down the highway. The dance-rock, punk-pop stylings of the production gives the songs that desperate urgency, but also a playfulness.”

The E.P. has been professionally mixed, mastered, and contains six tracks, including the already well-received Nervous Girl/Whiskey Shot, whose music video has amassed views from more than 15 different countries and has been featured on the websites GetFrank and Chelsey.

Darlin will be performing the E.P’s tracks at multiple venues in upcoming months.

Mr Monogamy

Track Listing
1. Nervous Girl/Whiskey Shot
2. My Sister Went Out On A Date Tonight
3. Pincha’s Interlude
4. Secret Love
5. ~Magical ;) !~
6. Try (For Me)

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