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Ida Kristin & David Llewellyn Release Animated Music Video – “Only God Knows” - Original Paintings by Spanish Illustrator Raquel Aparicio & Animator Jorge Parras

Date: Apr 14, 2015

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(Nashville, TN) Welsh/Swedish acoustic duo David Llewellyn and Ida Kristin have just announced the release of their animated music video “Only God Knows.” The song appears on their debut duo album “Songs Around The Kitchen Table” released in the US on Feb. 1st 2015 on Norna Music/Dabhand Records.

When writing the song 'Only God Knows', David & Ida wanted to convey the really big questions flying around in the world - about the relationship between people and between man and nature - about love and respect. Issues that harken back to the old ”protest songs”, but that seem even more pressing now. But they didn't want to be preachy but rather add a touch of humor, so that people would be able to take it to heart. The perspective is from human frailty and struggle, with a focus on the wonderment of this world, in hopes that people start appreciating it instead of taking it for granted. As the lyrics ponder: ”Life begins and ends in tears, and quite a struggle while we’re here - then why so precious? Only God Knows...”

To visually impart the ideas and emotions in the song, David & Ida elicited Spanish illustrator Raquel Aparicio and animator Jorge Parras to create an animated music video. Raquel put great care into the visuals of the song, in her bold yet gentle approach with illustrations that were artistic and compelling in their simplicity. Jorge Parras technical and creative expertise as an animator set the song and illustrations to life. Throughout the process, Ida as producer, communicated via Skype and email from Stockholm, Sweden and Nashville TN with Jorge and Raquel in Spain, in a true Trans-Global collaboration. The synergy of the five artists creative efforts, resulted in a music video that has taken on a soul of its own, which is magically the case when music and imagery comes together.

David and Ida divide their time between Sweden and the US. Throughout 2015 David and Ida will be touring in support of their new album, as well as working on several individual and collaborative projects. More info:

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