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Sammy’s Award Show “Best Hip Hop Album” nominee Shystee is set to release his 4th studio album “#stepnindabooth”.

Date: May 19, 2015

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212 George Street

Contact: Robert McCormick
Office: 315.418.1871

Sammy’s Award Show “Best Hip Hop Album” nominee Shystee is set to release his 4th studio album “#stepnindabooth”.

Bronx, New York May 3rd, 2015 –Independent Hip Hop artist Shystee is very excited to announce his 4th studio album #stepnindabooth, set to be released on June 23rd, 2015 available for digital download everywhere.

#stepnindabooth is a sample free hip hop album written and produced by Shystee. The album covers a wide range of topics from songs like “Why Men Cheat” where Shystee expresses his opinion on the topic from a male point of view, to songs like “Standing On Da Corner” Where Shystee gives us an outside of the box view into the negative mind state of our urban communities. #stepnindabooth highlights this artist creative control. Having recorded and arranged this album alone in his home studio, Shystee says” this is what hip hop sounds like when it’s uninfluenced”. With everything from beat box tracks created solely with the sounds of his mouth in songs like “Hot Flowz” to smooth metaphor heavy lyrics in “Incomplete Unity Beat” Shystee’s #stepnindabooth project is a hip hop album that can and should be heard in its entirety.

In preparation for the new album, Shystee has created a #stepnindabooth website designed to give his lyrical lyzt’nerz (fans) an inside look at his thought process behind each song in 12 short “#stepnindabooth (explained)”videos, Iin addition to a snippet of each song which can be viewed exclusively on the official #stepnindabooth website. Born and raised in the birth place of hip hop (The Bronx, New York), Shystee has a deep rooted connection with the hip hop culture as a whole and says that he is one of the few hip hop artist to represent all five elements of hip hop, which shines through on the #stepnindabooth album.

For more information about the album and for related, images, music and videos, please visit the official #stepnindabooth website.

Robert Shystee McCormick:

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