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"Imperfections" The Hot Debut Release From Louisiana's Aries Marquis

Date: Jun 02, 2015

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In 2010, when Haiti was hit with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, Aries Marquis was one of the first to respond and assist in the humanitarian mission. Helping out during the day at Haitian hospitals, shelters and schools, he took time out one night to perform in a local talent contest. The rest, as storytellers are prone to tell, is history...

Born in Baton Rouge, LA, in a small town named Scotlandville, Aries always knew that he was destined for "something more". Ambitious, authentic, classy, worldly and mature are just a few words critics have used to describe the passionate singer-songwriter's sound. The sound he wanted to share with those around him. When asked about the type of music that he creates, he simply labels it as a soulful, singer-songwriter style in the Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop genre. All of which are very apt descriptions of his eclectic sound.

Over those years, Aries Marquis has steadily worked as an artist to perfect his craft and establish himself as a mainstream entertainer. Marquis' current mission is to create and deliver his music to a world where many have given up on such things as real lyricism, original melodies, and heart pounding performances; to provide those songs that soothes the soul and heals the heart.

Fast forward to the present where Aries Marquis has recently released his six-song debut album titled, "Imperfections". Seeking to expand his existing fan base, an international radio promotion campaign, along with a press campaign, was initiated to get the word out to all who would listen about his latest recordings. Never being one to rest on his laurels he is already back in the studio to work on a follow-up, titled "Salvation", that's slated to come out around the beginning of next year. Currently Marquis is prepared to hit the road with his band to promote "Imperfections" and to bring his vibrant live performance to the stage.

You can check out his music on SoundCloud ( For more updates about the artist and his latest moves follow him on FaceBook (

Media Contact:

Stevie B
Mia Mind Music
Phone: 800-843-8575

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