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Witness the Hip-Hop Revolution with Texas-Based Duo

Date: Sep 22, 2015

Posted by:

September 22, 2015
Chris Gant

Get ready to clear your calendars and ignite your senses as you witness a total make-over of hip-hop thanks to a Texas-based hip-hop duo. While most hip-hop artists’ lyrics consist mainly of women, drugs and violence, one Texas group is trying to change the face of the rap industry. Combining lyrical prowess, a socially conscious message and a transformational movement geared toward their fans and the masses as well, brothers J. Dot and Cashiff of super group MOMM, or Music On My Mind, are trying to rewrite the script on what it means to be a seminal hip-hop group one show and one song at a time.

Since childhood, the two have shared a love and unique talent for everything music. Building on their passion and natural talents, the two have continuously honed their craft, improving their lyrical skills, flow and beats along the way.

Though each brings a unique style, perspective and flair to the group, the two work together in harmony to continually build their brand. As brothers, they have that special bond not only between themselves but the music they love as well. For them, creating music is the driving force of their lives and legacy-building.

“You don’t have to wait until heaven to start living like you’re in paradise," says J.Dot.

Through their unique partnership, J. Dot and Cashiff have been able to create one of the most rousing and ambitious movements of their time, which can be seen through their legions of fans sporting their MOMM t-shirts, cheering at their shows and embracing their music.

Through tailored branding, social media marketing, consistently churning out high-quality music and frequently performing high-energy shows, MOMM continues to win over fans and make them believers of their music and message.

Living proof that you don’t have to go the mainstream route by signing with a major label in order to be successful, J. Dot and Cashiff have proven how much can be accomplished as independent artists. The two are focused on fulfilling their dreams by working independently, creating their own destiny and knowing with time that all things are possible.

“Dreams are timeless they don’t come with expiration dates," says Cashiff.

While open to the multitude of great opportunities that may present themselves, the brothers know that they are the key to their own future as well as success. Music On My Mind is more than just a name for this group, but instead a way of living that they want their audiences to embrace as well.

Experience the one-of-a-kind group for yourself throughout various locations in Texas, including an October 10 performance in Austin, TX. Indulge in their unique sound on the anticipated, “Late Arrival,” their album slated to be released spring 2016.

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