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Date: Oct 15, 2015

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Six years after the tragic and untimely death of lead singer Ray-Ray, iconic art rock band The Mayan Factor has announced a revival thanks to the legions of fans that have kept its spirit alive.

To do so, the band has tapped Lenny Cerzosie, guitarist/songwriter for Le Projet and frontman for The Infinite Staircase, to respectfully carry on the legacy of their music while helping to chart the new course for the group.

“Everyone knows that Lenny is an amazing artist and has toured with some of the biggest names in the business,” said Kevin Baker, bassist for The Mayan Factor. “But for us, it was really about chemistry. We don’t just create music; we create an experience for our fans and not every singer can get into that mindset. Lenny has that ability and from our first time playing together we knew that he could perform on a whole different level.”

That “level” has often been described by fans and critics as “haunting”, “ethereal”, “tribal” and even “melodic” by some. But perhaps the driving force behind The Mayan Factor was originality. There was nothing like it at its peak and nothing since then is even comparable musically or spiritually, which probably accounts for the band’s continued popularity – even years after disappearing from the scene.

In fact, with not so much as a concert, new single or marketing strategy, the Mayan Factor has had over one million plus downloads on Last FM to date and such an immense growing Internet following that this surge in interest is one of the reasons that led the band to reignite the flame, so to speak.

“After realizing that fans still wanted more from us we decided that it was time to give back to those that supported us for so many years,” said Baker.

The Mayan Factor has a lot in store for fans over the next year. To kick things off, the band will, first, honor all that they've accomplished and pay tribute to Ray-Ray, with a PLEDGE MUSIC CAMPAIGN.

The campaign will feature retroactive merchandise that includes a brand new DVD that documents the band putting the pieces back together and planning its American and European tour, Vinyl and DVD Preorders and first-ever pressings of The Mayan Factor T-Shirts. Fans can order by visiting:

Additionally, the group will announce a Live Internet Performance via and International DJ nDinga nGaba will release a Remix of the band's 2003 song "Warflower".

To learn more about the Mayan Factor, please visit:

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