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Heavy metal band Malo De Dentro has released two new singles off their much awaited upcoming album

Date: Jan 26, 2016

Posted by:
4818 E Shapinsay Dr

Phoenix, AZ – 1 February 2016.

Heavy metal band Malo de Dentro is set to release two new singles off their upcoming album for fans to stream and download, titled Left for Dead and Judgment Day. A popular staple in the Phoenix, Arizona heavy metal scene, this is the band’s first time back in the recording studio since dropping 2009’s very well received and highly acclaimed album Evil Within.

These singles are part of Malo de Dentro’s third album since its debut. Founded by guitarist Chuck Simoes and drummer Brett “Sixkiller” McKinney in 2005, current lead singer Joe Bertucci joined Malo de Dentro in 2008, and provided his expert vocals to Rise of the Snake. The band’s newest member, bassist Mark Enriquez, joined in Spring 2015 after a long stint in The Dead Letters, where he and Joe performed together previously.

Malo de Dentro’s current roster represents a major evolution that has resulted in a fresh sound—complete with a renewed sense of energy and purpose for its members, extreme excitement for their longtime fans, and the attraction of many new fans as well.

Malo de Dentro has already added Left for Dead and Judgment Day to its concert lineup, both of which have received enthusiastic responses from their fans, not to mention critical acclaim from other musicians thus far. The band is integrating these newer musical offerings into their concerts during the second half of each show, while keeping the first half dedicated to the songs that made it famous initially.

Band members describe the new material as ‘diverse’, in the fact that the differing cultural backgrounds and musical tastes of each musician have melded to form a more evolved, open minded and meaningfully harmonic experience than ever before—all while retaining the gritty, gutty, hard-edged and aggressively metal flavor Malo de Dentro has become so well-known for delivering to their fans each and every show for the past 11 years.

Malo de Dentro intends to debut both singles in digital format in April of this year. Fans will be able to stream the singles free of charge through the band’s website,, as well as download both singles through the music sharing website The downloads will be available free of charge, but donations are gladly accepted to help offset recording and production costs.

An EP containing more new material is currently slated for release sometime in Fall 2016, with a full-length album coming at a time still-to-be-determined thereafter. The full-length album will be accompanied by promotional festivities, including a release party that the public will be encouraged to attend. More information is continuously forthcoming, and it will be posted on the Malo de Dentro website, as well as the band’s authorized Facebook page when available.

Malo de Dentro welcomes inquiries from fans, the media, other musical acts, venue owners, concert promoters, or anyone else interested in learning more and scheduling an appearance. Inquiries and requests can be submitted through the contact page on the band’s website, Interested parties can also reach the band directly at (head office), (booking inquiries), or by phone at (480) 524-0437.

Malo de Dentro’s Website—

Authorized Facebook Page—

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