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Date: Feb 29, 2016

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YELLOWPOINT British Columbia Vancouver Island Canada

Risque Disque Records , an independent label in Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, is preparing to relaunch and rebrand their label with a set of new releases. Several albums and a label compilation have been released on the leap year, Feb. 29, 2016. The releases will be available digitally via iTunes March 7 and the Risque Disque Store immediately. Brick and mortar stores will release the content physically in select Canadian, European, and American markets in the following months.

Risque Disque has garnered a reputation in the region for being a premiere destination recording studio. One of the finest recording studios of its kind, the establishment was built inside a three story barn in the countryside. Designed by the world-renowned studio designer and engineer, Fred Gilpin, the studio is as elegant as it is cozy and functional.

Previously, the label has been known for releasing music by the likes of Gibby Nik, Aaron James and The Black Water, Cameron Gunn, Oliver Swain, Mike J. Tompkins, and Blue Rodeo. The studio specializes in drum recording, mixing, and live floor recording. Nestled amongst rolling hills and groves of evergreens, the destination is tranquil and natural.

Feb. 29’s relaunch will include releases from Aaron James and The Black Water, Cameron Gunn, Gibby Nik, Mike J. Tompkins, Oliver Swain, and Jayden Holman. On YouTube, fans can check out three superbly shot music videos that exhibit three of the leading singles for the upcoming release: Cameron Gunn’s ‘Southern Winds,’ Aaron James and The Black Water’s ‘Change’ and Gibby Nik’s ‘Woken.’

The main focus of Risque Disque’s relaunch is to reignite interest in supporting artists directly. A new membership program will allow fans to become patrons of their favorite artists. The idea of a song’s worth being $1 is, to Risque Disque, one worth demolishing and reinventing.

Members of the new program will have unlimited access to the Risque Disque catalogue, live shows, and a physical package mailed to their door at the end of the year. With the recent rise of communities like Patreon, fans are able to support artists in untraditional, but arguably superior ways. The Risque Disque membership program will follow that model, allowing music listeners to interact with their favorite tunes in an entirely new, all-inclusive way.

In April, the artists featured in the upcoming Risque Disque releases will be embarking on a tour of western Canada. Individual tours of Canada, the United States, and Europe are set to follow.

To connect with Risque Disque, fans can visit the label’s website and relevant social
networking, all of which can be found below. The new slate of releases is set for Feb.
Twitter: @RisqueDisqueLP
YouTube: Risque Disque

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