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‘Bread Game’ Announces the Launch of Their New Independent Recording Label

Date: Mar 15, 2016

Posted by:
907 Flythe Rd Augusta GA 30904

‘Bread Game’ Announces the Launch of Their New Independent Recording Label

Georgia, USA, March 11, 2016 – The Management team at Bread Game, is pleased and excited to announce today the launch of their enviable recording label, which is dedicated towards providing the right platform for gifted artists to be heard as well as showcasing their talents and creative works for the world to see.

Dubbed as ‘Bread Game Entertainment,’ this remarkable recording label is based out of Augusta, GA, and their website can be located on the following link - It promises to be second to none when compared with others in the entertainment industry. This is so because each and every artist under their umbrella is absolutely free to do his or her ‘thing,’ irrespective of their style.

It is therefore not surprising that this new independent recording label already has five (5) recording artists signed to their platform, who specializes in Hip Hop & R&B music. What this implies is that these artists now have the opportunity, leverage and support system that will help them promote and sell their music both online and offline.

A spokesperson of the company said; “We are absolutely delighted about the launch of our new independent recording label, and we know that all musicians and entertainers that would ever come in contact with us, would be pleased that they did.”

“We are proud and glad to also announce that on Mother’s day 2016; Bread Game will release the first album off the label. A five (5) songs EP would be released from the stables of Bread Game Entertainment by BGE artist Drop Moe Kane, Big Nappy, Infamous PrettyBoy, Madd Maxx, and Mik Myerz. We urge all lovers of good music and entertainment to subscribe to our mailing on our website, so as to be in the know when these EPs finally drops” the spokesperson concluded.

About Bread Game Entertainment

“Bread Game Entertainment is an independent recording label that offers musicians and entertainers the right platform to promote themselves and their music.”

To know more about Bread Game Entertainment, visit -


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