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Let's Live A Spice Life
By Trevor Krueger - 07/07/2007 - 08:39 AM EDT

As a song writer you can never be sure where inspiration and need will amalgamate to deliver a new lyric to the portfolio. My recent appointment as Deputy Editor to an Asian Food Magazine required me to come up with a promotion that would get us some positive PR and news exposure. The recent “incredible news” (good grief!) that the “Spice Girls” were about to reform and go on tour inspired an opportunistic train of thought that could not be ignored. Here am I writing about top Chefs and Asian Cuisine – up to my neck in “Spice”, well – it could only mean one thing… I had to conceive and deliver “The Spice Boys” a group of five previously unsuspecting Indian and Chinese Chefs, minding their own business, who will soon record and release their first single and video appearance on YouTube and beyond. “Let’s Live A Spice Life” has yet to be recorded (or murdered) but when it is you can be sure I will tell you about it right here, so you can check it out and, if nothing else, have a good laugh.

I doubt it will go down as anything Dylanesque but it will be fun and, I hope, should get a few hits from the foody groovers around the World who have doubtlessly been waiting for this very event. Five Turban attired crooners belting out my best effort at a parody lyric in the name of “marketing”.

Have I sold out in the name of commercialism and forsaken my self respect as a serious lyricist? – Yup!

Do I care? – Nope! If the Crazy Frog can find a market with the banal – surely I can do it with – a Bhiriani?

Trevor C. Krueger

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