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Here is a list of all original songs currently in Urban Tapestry's repertoire. Many are available in our first songbook. AD = Allison Durno, JK = Jodi Krangle, DRO = Debbie Ridpath Ohi. C&S = Castles and Skyscrapers (our first album), M&UL = Myths and Urban Legends (our second album, released in 1997), and S&HT = Sushi and High Tea (our third album, released in 2003).

Also check out our UT Parodies and Other Fun page. Lyrics will be linked back to this page as Debbie gets time to move them over to the new server.

NEW!! Now you can also listen to five full MP3s of ours from both CDs on our SoundClick page.! NEW!!

      Dorsai song by JK (S&HT)

    Ancient Yearning
      by AD (C&S)

    Another Story
      by AD & DRO. Mar/98. (S&HT)

    Battle On!
      by AD. A Xena song, Shangri-La style. :-) (S&HT)

    The Borg Came Back
      parody by DRO.

    Cuz He's A Guy
      by DRO (C&S)

    Dark Places
      by JK, Babylon 5 song.

    Days We Spend Together
      Words by AD, music by JK (M&UL)

    A Deeper Truth
      by AD and JK, song from Kira's point of view

    Desert and Forest
      Elfquest-inspired (C&S)

    Dish Of Chocolate Haagen Dazs
      by DRO, icecream-inspired.

    Donna's Song
      by AD, Quantum Leap song (C&S).

      by JK, based on DS9 episode "Shadowplay"

    Dreams In Darkness
      by JK, from Darth Vader's point of view

    Duct Tape Man
      By DRO, dedicated to David Goulden.

      by AD, Bev & Jean-Luc. Going on our second album with help from Don Neill. (M&UL)

    The Friendship Song
      by DRO. A capella three-part song about friendship. (S&HT)

    GEnie Addiction
      by DRO, when she was on GEnie.

    Hey Tom!
      by DRO, a heartfelt tribute to Tom Jeffers of Dandelion Wine.

    Home To FilKONtario
      by DRO. Premiered at FKO/99, where we were GoH.

      by DRO. Based on Ray Bradbury's short story, "The Rocket Man". (S&HT)

    How's The Night Life On Cissalda?
      by DRO, commissioned, based on Harlan Ellison story

    Ich Mag Shokolade
      by DRO. Dedicated to Juliane Honisch and Kerstin Droge, Interfilk guests from Germany at FKO/98.

    I Love The Morning
      by DRO, morning vs night people (M&UL)

    I'll Be Fine
      by JK (C&S)

    Interjections: The Final Frontier
      Parody by AD

    The Jelly Belly Song
      by DRO. A tribute to one of my favourite foods. :-)

    It Said What?
      Food song by Debbie. This one's about chocolate bars.

    Like The Dorsai
      By AD

    Mr. XXXXXX's Coming After You!
      Words by DRO, music by AD.

    Karmic Retribution

    The Lady
      by JK, inspired by Interview With A Vampire movie. Going on our new album with help from Dave Clement, Tom Jeffers, and Kylea Fulton. (M&UL)

      by DRO and Ookla the Mok (Rand Bellavia, Adam English, & Luis Garcia). Going on our new album with help from Ookla! (M&UL)

    Life Is A Bowl Of Oreo Cookies
      by DRO, in honour of Lissa Allcock. Premiered at The Second ConCerto in 1997 when we first met Lissa and Phil Allcock.

    Margaret's Lament
      by JK (C&S)

      By DRO. A love song about Marvin the Martian.

    Me and Babylon Five
      by DRO. Token Babylon 5 song. Note that Debbie has never actually SEEN a Babylon Five episode.

    Me In Grade One
      Parody by AD

      By AD, written after Filkontario '98. Any of you who have ever experienced the "post-con blues" will connect with this. (S&HT)

    Monica's Flight
      by JK (C&S) Based on a short story by Claire Gabriel.

    My Jalapeno Man
      by DRO (C&S) A hot food song. (S&HT)

    A Neurotic Love Song
      by DRO, AD, JK. Available on North Coast Cabaret album. When performed in concert, this song involves Debbie making a fool of herself with silly props. (S&HT)

    Never Time
      by JK

    Overdrawn Credit Card Blues
      by JK. Listen to the end of the recording of this on our first album. You can hear Jodi falling off her chair! (C&S)

    Parody Man
      by Debbie, Allison, and Jodi. Was sung as an intro to Mark Osier's concert at Contata '98, where he was Toastmaster.

    Pegasus Loser Song II
      by UT

    Puppies Cooked In Brine
      by DRO (her first filk song ever!) (M&UL)

    The Road Home
      By DRO and AD. A love song.

    Seventies Song
      by DRO and AD. A tribute to the Seventies. Jodi was still learning how to dress herself in the seventies.

    Sex and Chocolate
      Words by DRO, music by JK. Going on our new album, guest musicians on this song are Dave Clement and Tom Jeffers. (M&UL)

    Shake Them Bones
      By DRO, written for Brenda Sutton

    Silence and Memory
      By AD. Inspired by the Titanic movie.

    Song For Jim
      By DRO, in memory of her brother, who was killed in a car accident with his wife in August, 1993. (M&UL)

      Words by Roger Burton West, music by JK. On our second album with help from Dave Clement, Tom Jeffers, and Graham Leathers. (M&UL)

      By DRO with help from Andrew Platzer and Jeff Ridpath. Technonerdboy Paul Kwinn helps us on the album. Was aired on CBC radio! (M&UL)

    Teenybopper Love
      By AD. Going on our new album with help from Ookla the Mok (M&UL)

    Temper of Defeat (Pegasus Loser I)
      our "Pegasus Loser" song.

      By AD, based on children's book "Bridge to Terebithia"

    This Is A Filk Song
      by AD. Premiered at FKO/99.

    This Is For You
      By JK (C&S)

      By DRO. Dedicated to Mike Brown, the Truffle King.

    The Truth Is Out There
      By DRO. X-Files song. (S&HT)

    A Twinkle In His Eye
      By AD. Lots of fun! Jodi plays recorder on this song.

    Two Voices
      By AD, inspired by Loreena McKinnitt (C&S)

    Urban Lullaby
      By JK (C&S)

    Walking To The Stars
      By AD (inspired by our friend Kathy Johnson!)

    Web Surfin'
      By AD. Going on our new album with help from Kathleen Sloan, Scott Snyder, and Paul Kwinn. (M&UL)

    Woes of Silver
      By JK.

    Your Heart Always Knows
      By JK and Tim Jennings.

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