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Filk Sources

Filk Dealers on the Web

    Dandelion Digital: Dandelion Digital is a small recording studio and producer of filk recordings on compact disc.

    FireBird: music (including filk), art, books.

    Pegasus Music Folk and filk music, buttons, t-shirts, soundtracks, stickers, other stuff.

    Quicksilver Fantasies: Offers "an eclectic assortment of music: Filk, Folk, Sound tracks, Space music. Also, Audio Adventures, Books, Art and other strange, different and wonderful treasures for fen of myth, folklore, science-fiction & fantasy. "

    Random Factors: carry CDs, tapes, books, and other supplies from DAG, Dandelion Digital, Dodeka, Firebird, Thor, Unlikely, Wail Songs, and others.

Southern Fried Filk, LLC: Your Southern/Southeastern Source for Filk, Folk and Celtic Music!


Other Sources


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