Sushi and High Tea

h o m e | w h o   w e   a r e | o u r   p r o j e c t s | s c h e d u l e | m & u l | s & h t | l i n k s

b l a t h e r i n g | b l a t h e r c h a t | o r d e r   o u r   m u s i c | o u r  w e b l o g

Sushi & High Tea CD CoverCover of "Sushi and High Tea".
(That is Allison's cat, Nova. The likeness is incredible.)
Art copyright © 2003 Beckett Gladney.
Please don't use without permission.

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Click on the titles of the songs below in the "Additional playlist notes" section to hear minute-long MP3 clips of each song.

Album title: Sushi and High Tea
Label: Dodeka Records, released August 2003
Format: CD
Recording engineers: Gerry Tyra, Chris Croughton (Keristor Systems). Mastering: Chris Conway at Oblong Studios, Leicester, UK.
Producers: Bill and Gretchen Roper (Dodeka Records).
Cover artist: Beckett Gladney.

The tracks on this CD are a selection of songs recorded live during Urban Tapestry concerts in the UK and in California from 2000-2002.

Guest musicians:
Joey Shoji, Kate Soley-Barton (Xena Yell).

Friendship Song, Waiting For Frodo, Homecoming, Another Story, Amanda, Battle On!, My Jalapeno Man, The Dark Is Rising, Monday, The Truth Is Out There, I Am Stardust, Star Sisters, A Neurotic Love Song.

Additional playlist notes

Song credits are listed by initials in parentheses, lyrics/music.
AD = Allison Durno (guitar, vocals), JK = Jodi Krangle (vocals),
DRO = Debbie Ridpath Ohi (flute, percussion, guitar, vocals & props)

Click on the link of each song to hear a minute long MP3 clip.
** You can also listen to full MP3s of three of these songs on our SoundClick page! **

1. Friendship Song: (2.39) Three-part a capella song about friendship (sort of :-)) (DRO)

2. Waiting For Frodo: (3:46) Based on Debbie's comic strip, Waiting For Frodo. (DRO).

3. Homecoming: (5.32) Based on Ray Bradbury's short story, "The Rocket Man". (DRO)

4. Another Story: (3.16) Debbie started this as a children's song, but then it grew into something else. Allison wrote the chorus. (DRO/AD)

5. Amanda: (2.43) Based on the novel "Spirit Of The Dorsai" by Gordon Dickson. Our first song with just flute accompaniment. (JK)

6. Battle On!: (3.45) By Allison. Fun Xena girl-group song. (AD) - Xena Yell by Kate Soley-Barton.

7. My Jalapeno Man: (3.22) A spicy food song. ;-) Debbie won a Pegasus Award for this song in 2000 (DRO)

8. The Dark Is Rising: (3.36) Cover of the Julia Ecklar song, based on the "Dark Is Rising" series by Susan Cooper. Thanks to Julia and Susan Cooper for their permission to include this song on our CD!

9. Monday: (3.22) About missing friends. (AD)

10. The Truth Is Out There: (2.20) An X-Files song. (DRO)

11. I Am Stardust: (4.17) By Lloyd Landa. Thanks to Karen Linsley for her permission for us to include this song on our CD. Lloyd, you are deeply missed.

12. Star Sisters: (2.35) By Jean Stevenson. Guest musician: Joey Shoji.

13. A Neurotic Love Song: (3.24) Text version originally appeared in the TV Guide's Tribute to Star Trek some years ago. (DRO)

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