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CD REVIEW: Scott Varney - The Child's Eye
By Steve Allat - 10/24/2004 - 10:38 PM EDT

Artist: Scott Varney
Album: The Child's Eye
CD Review: Label: Independent - Happygrooves Records
Tracks: 10
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Paul Simon, Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Jack Johnson, Bare Naked Ladies, Corbin Keep
Fav Tracks: Groove of a Child, My Shoes, Daydreamin'.

Take a bass, a voice, some percussion and a nice imagination and you have . . .
the music of Scott Varney, full of positive words and uplifting beats.

This is what listening to indie music is all about - finding a soul who not only knows how to express himself, but also knows how to use the tools needed to do so. A one-man show indeed, Scott does it all, uniquely and with exceptional style. I don't even miss the guitar or drumkit as they aren't really needed in Scott's world.

Besides, Scott harmonizes with himself beautifully, and vocalizes freely with sounds as well as words, filling in the songs where maybe there would otherwise be instrumentation.

The vibe is mellow and relaxed. His six-string bass grooves beneath his friendly vocals. I just can't imagine this guy getting angry about anything.

The words are positive and empowering. The Child's Eye may even be Scott's here as he sings about ladybugs and love, and the beauty inherent in everything. All I know is that we could all learn to see and hear things Scott's way, if only for a while.

There is a slight lack of difference amongst the selection of songs here (which gives a solid overall tone of the disc) but it's not enough to complain about just yet. It is Scott's sound, after all. The only other major observance is that the songs all seem to move along at the same pace - a few changes of pace could have broken up the continuity and added some more interest.

If anything, I'd love to hear Scott take his sound and continue on, journey up and down, get quiet and get a little loud . . . but continue with the majority of what he's got going on. It's a nice place he creates with his music, so grab a copy and go sit on the porch, by the pool or in a warm evening breeze and don't worry about anything while he keeps you company.

Oh, and invite your kids, they might just like it too.

Contact: Scott
Website: Scott Varney

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